The enrollment process at Western Governors University (WGU) takes 4-6 weeks and you need to have all the required documents submitted by the 15th of the month prior to the month you plan to start in.

The undergraduate degree programs cost between $3,475 and $3,625 per 6-month term. All exams are proctored and you need to have an external webcam for the exams.

You will also need to complete a FAFSA and a scholarship application if you want to get a scholarship. If required by your program, you may need to take a Readiness assessment during the enrollment process.

You will be assigned a mentor for your entire program who you can reach out to for help and questions. Your application does not expire and if you have any questions, your enrollment counselor will be able to assist you.

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I personally was not expecting it to take as long as it did to get enrolled, and I think that’s just because whenever I see something that I want to do I’m very much like boom. Let’S get it done. Let’S enroll, let’s start tomorrow, but for WGU, that’s not exactly something that you can do so without further Ado. Let’S get into this video, so one thing that I actually didn’t realize going into this is that the enrollment process takes four to six weeks and if you plan to start in February, for example, you’re gon na have to have all of your documents submitted by January 15Th and that’s just because there’s a couple of things that need to happen to set you up for Success before you can start your term, but terms do start on the first of every single month. So there’s an opportunity for you to start every single month of the year whenever you’re, ready.


Okay, I just went on the website and if you enroll this week, you can apply for free. If you look on their website, then you will see that most of their undergraduate degree programs cost between 3 475 dollars to three thousand six hundred and twenty five dollars per term. I don’t know about you, but that sounds way better than paying twenty thousand dollars for a whole degree. That’S gon na take you four years versus paying 3 475 per six month term, where you can take as many classes as you can possibly get done in that six months. So essentially, if you work hard enough, you could even get your bachelor’s degree in six months and only pay three thousand four hundred and seventy five dollars that even applies for their graduate programs.


They have everything from business, to education, to health care, to um Information Technology. Cyber security, literally there’s so many options to choose from Okay, so all the exams are proctored and you are going to be required to have your webcam already purchased and in your hand before you can start. This is the webcam that they actually recommend it. My enrollment counselor sent me a link to some different options: um some are more expensive than others, but I picked the one that was the most common, so you cannot use the webcam. That’S on your computer.


It has to be an external webcam because they have to be able to see you your room and your computer. I know it sounds intimidating, but they honestly just want to make sure that you’re not cheating. So here it is. This is the webcam that my enrollment counselor recommended that I get um yeah. It kind of looks like that: Pixar lamp, pretty cool, also kind of scary.


At the same time, and you get to pick a gift from your welcome package, I chose the blanket. I am obsessed with it guys look at this. This is so cute now, if you’re transferring any transcripts. Please know that the first of the month prior to the month that you plan on starting all of your transcripts have to be received, and that’s because they do have to do the transcript evaluation and that sometimes can take a little bit longer than anticipated. So just make sure you get that in so that you don’t have any delays when you’re trying to start also be aware that wtu is not an open, enrollment school.


So first you have to apply for admission. Second, you have to have your transcript evaluation and third, you do have to complete a FAFSA and fill out a scholarship application if you’re wanting to get a scholarship, I highly encourage you to try your best to get a scholarship, because this University is so cheap already That once you get that scholarship added you’re pretty much going to go to school here for pennies, I highly recommend applying for any and every scholarship that you possibly can now. If it’s required for your program, you may have to take a Readiness assessment and you’re going to have to get that done during your enrollment process as well. And then, after that, you’re going to be speaking to your enrollment counselor. Then you’re going to be assigned a mentor and this Mentor is going to be the same Mentor that you’re going to have throughout your entire program that you’re going to be able to go to for help for questions.


If you need anything, go call your Mentor. So your application is not going to expire, so it’s totally fine. If you can’t start on the date that you anticipated and you need to wait a little bit. So don’t worry about that and if you have any questions about any of that, your enrollment counselor is going to be able to answer all of those questions.


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