The video is about the benefits of a healthcare management degree. The speaker, Ryan Swait, explains that this is a fast-growing occupation with a lot of job potential and a high average salary of 115,000 dollars a year. He also mentions that the degree can be earned in as little as 6 to 12 months through a process called “degree hacking,” which involves taking exams instead of attending classes and can save you thousands of dollars in tuition. The video also lists several job opportunities available with a healthcare management degree, such as healthcare department manager, healthcare finance manager, hospital director, and more.

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Hey if you’re interested in a health care management degree, that’s what today’s video is all about. Are these degrees worth it? How much money can you potentially make? What jobs can you potentially get, and how fast can you earn a health care management degree? That’S exactly what we’ll get into.


If that sounds good, then, let’s dive in hi, i’m ryan swait, and i used to be a two-time college dropout, making just 12 bucks an hour. Then i learned how to hack college and earned an entire bachelor’s degree in nine months flat subscribe to my channel and i’ll show you how [ Music ] all right, so healthcare management degrees. First thing i want to do is i want to jump over to my computer screen and walk you through everything that you need to know about getting a healthcare management degree. So, first i want to say that this is one of the fastest growing occupations in the united states of america. It’s really really.


I mean job potential job growth is it’s doing really well right now, and that means job openings or potential job openings right and these job openings continue to rise and basically the whole industry continues to grow so right now, it’s a really really good field to get Into on top of that, you can make some pretty good money. Now i found some some data from the year 2019 and, as we know over time, numbers like this keep going up so as of right now, it’s probably even higher than this, but in 2019 the average salary for health care administration administrators was a hundred and fifteen Thousand dollars a year now, the top ten percent of people working in those positions made basically their salaries were pushing 200, 000 or even more per year. What that means is that, if you’re good at your job and you’re hard working, you can make a really really good salary in the health care management field and with a health care management degree. Now i will say i always try to do pros and cons. I will say that the top jobs in these fields can be a little bit difficult to get.


You have to be very hard working and you have to be talented and willing to put in the effort, and you have to be good with people and good with managing and things like that. But when you do get those jobs, it leads to an extremely lucrative good good career. So i will say, if you’re pushing for the top 10, you got to be willing to work hard and put the effort in, but you can still make really good money if you’re pretty good at the job right. But if you’re shooting for that highest tier those jobs can be hard to get that’s true with any field that we discuss, the the better you are at your job. The more money you make.


The same is true for a health care management degree. Now this degree can be accelerated and a health care management degree can literally be earned in as little as six to 12 months and i’m not talking about an associate’s degree. I’M talking about a traditional four year bachelor’s degree in health care management can be earned in as little as six to 12 months and in a few minutes i will talk literally i’ll. Show you exactly how to do that if you want to accelerate this degree now, what i want to jump into right now is what kind of jobs can you get if you have a health care management degree, i’m going to give you a list. I try to put a big variety here, but what i will tell you is that there are a lot more jobs than this.


So my hope is that this list kind of opens your mind to different possibilities and and gives you an idea of what types of jobs you can get so, first, basically, a healthcare department manager so whether you’re working in a hospital or in a health clinic basically Managing a branch of one of those companies, health care management degree – can get you jobs, managing groups of people in any basically any health care company right, a health care finance manager. Okay, because if you get a health care management, degree you’ll also learn in school. How? How the finances in the healthcare world work as well? So if you like working with money, it’s a really cool idea to say: okay, maybe i’ll work with money in the in the health care industry, and that can be a really good job to have and basically guarantee yourself plenty of job openings in the future.


Because you’re getting into a growing industry, that’s probably never going to stop growing right, a quality and improvement manager. So for let’s say you work at a hospital. Your job would be to literally make the hospital better so that your patients have a better experience and in in turn, keep coming back to your hospital instead of someone else’s hospital right. That’S those are important positions, a health care administrator, healthcare administrator. Excuse me um, a hospital director.


I’ve literally seen people get college degrees, online accelerated and then end up getting like top tier management position. Jobs in hospitals, like literally the head chair in a hospital, these health care management degrees, can get you jobs like that. What i will say is that the very highest tier jobs you might need an mba in healthcare management, so a master’s degree in healthcare management to get those jobs. But the cool thing is those healthcare management, mbas or masters in business administration degrees. Those can be accelerated as well.


So let’s say you were to go and get your health care management bachelor’s degree in 12 months. You could go on and get the master’s degree in in an additional six to 12 months as well and literally finish six years of school in such a short amount of time and literally be qualified to manage entire hospitals, which is really really cool. A physician practice manager – i mean you how many times have you gone to a doctor’s office or taken your kids to a doctor’s office? Guess what whatever clinic you walk into somebody’s running the show there? Somebody is basically in charge of things running smoothly and it’s usually not the doctor unless it’s a doctor that owns his own clinic and kind of does both jobs.


There are clinics in all sorts of different areas in the healthcare field. There’S there’s chiropractic, there’s um doctors for kids, there’s dental practices, there’s the healthcare field just is is massive right and you can literally manage entire clinics with these healthcare management degrees, an administrative coordinator, an assisted living director. So that’s another aspect of the healthcare field is assisted living right. So if you want to work in an assisted living facility and even manage one of those facilities, these degrees can teach you how to do that and open those doors. For you, a health care clinic manager like i just talked about managing all sorts of different types of clinics.


This is a degree that can open those doors for you, a mental health facility administrator or basically being in charge of a mental health facility, or you don’t even have to be in charge. There are really good jobs where you have a high level role in these clinics and that can get you a lucrative careers as well, even if you’re, not in the top chair. If that makes sense, i mean you can you can manage hospice businesses you can manage. I mean all sorts of different health care. Businesses need people to run the show and to keep things moving smoothly and be in charge of certain aspects of those businesses.


Health care management degrees are just really really excellent degrees if you’re interested in business and you’re interested in health care. It’S basically you combine the two together and you learn the business aspect of the healthcare field. Lots of people with these degrees get good jobs and are very happy with their experience in getting the degree and and then having a lucrative career afterwards. So if, if that’s an interest to you, it’s something to take a deeper dive into and start figuring out how to go and get these degrees. Now, if you’re wondering how in the world do i get a health care management degree in six to 12 months, it sounds impossible.


It sounds crazy. Well, let me tell you this: it’s not nearly as difficult as you would imagine. In fact, it’s probably easier than spending a year in a traditional program sitting in a classroom and doing homework and doing taking quizzes and all that stuff. Okay, now, if you’re wondering how the process is pretty simple, okay, it does take hard work, but it’s pretty simple. Essentially, you need to find a school that allows you to test out of your classes and what that means is for each class.


You take an exam instead of going through the entire class, and if you pass that exam, you literally get credit for the entire class and there are some really cool strategies that you can apply that help you do this much much faster. So if you can find a school that allows you to test out your classes, these schools or these programs are called competency-based education programs. You can literally skip the class work study for the exam, take the exam and move on to the next class, and you basically rinse and repeat for each and every class. You follow the same strategy and you can literally earn an entire degree in as little as six to 12 months. Now.





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