One of the Most highly requested engineering degrees and engineering careers, which is mechatronics engineering. So in this video i am going to be focusing on pay because pretty much everything else when it comes to careers is really subjective. I will talk about a few other things, but i’m going to keep it relatively brief, because i want to keep this video short. Unfortunately, you can’t really explain stuff in detail and also have a short video, but with that being said, mechatronics engineers make around 90 000 a year.

By Shane Hummus
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That’s pretty good, but it’s actually on the lower side for engineering related careers. Now it does make sense. Mechatronics engineering is a relatively new career, it does have a pretty promising future, though i would say this is kind of a dark horse candidate, five or ten years down the line. This one might make it into s tier, but for this video, i’m gon na have to put it into b tier next. One on the list is going to be aerospace, engineering, and this one has enough people in it that it actually made it onto bls.


The bureau of labor statistics and according to bls they make about 122 000 a year and it’s growing at eight percent, which is as fast as average. Now the numbers between glass door and bls can vary by sometimes five to ten thousand or so, but they’re usually relatively close, but it is very clear that aerospace engineers make amazing money. This one is going to go into s-tier next, one on the list is going to be mechanical engineers. Now the good thing about mechanical engineering is it’s very flexible. So if you get the mechanical engineering degree there’s a lot of different career paths, you can go into.


But if you choose to be a mechanical engineer, you can expect to make around 95 000 a year and it’s growing at seven percent, which is as fast as average now compared to all other careers. This is amazing, but when you’re talking about engineering careers, this is actually just you know pretty good, and so for that reason this one is going to go into b-tier now. One thing i mentioned is how, if you get a mechanical engineering degree, there’s a ton of different career paths, you can go down and one of them that’s actually relatively common. That a lot of people don’t know about is finance, so many finance companies have a strategy for hiring where they just basically try to get the smartest possible people, regardless of what their major is and then they teach them the finance side of things. So a lot of the time they’ll hire physics, math and engineering majors and there’s many different finance jobs that you can go for.


But it’s well known that the finance industry has a ton of money, especially if you’re kind of like an a type, really driven personality. Finance might actually be the number one industry when it comes to making a very, very good salary. So with that being said, finance definitely makes it into s tier there’s, a ton of different career paths. You can go down which we don’t have time to cover in this video and there’s especially a lot of opportunity if you go into what’s known as fintech, which is basically finance mixed with technology, there’s a lot of really promising startups in fintech speaking of fintech. Do you know what the fastest growing crime affecting millions of people in america is well?


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So you can see if either you or your family’s information has been exposed to the dark web and i’m actually curious how many people watching this video have had their information exposed to the dark web. So if you do decide to sign up comment that down below and thank you again to aura for sponsoring this video next on the list, we have technology careers and it is very common for people who graduate with engineering degrees to go into technology. Very, very common and technically you know, software engineer is a type of engineer as well, even though in some countries you know, software, engineering and computer science are essentially the same degree in the us. They are actually different and there’s also a lot of blurred lines between being a software developer and a software engineer. But there is a ton of opportunity in technology a lot of people become software developers, software engineers they go into data science, etc.


There’s a ton of different options out there for you, and so technology related careers again don’t have time to go over all of them, but they are going to go into ester now. Another really interesting thing about engineering degrees is it’s actually the most common type of degree for people who go on to become either ceos or successful founders of startups, and that totally makes sense, because engineering is basically practical problem solving and that’s what entrepreneurship is as well. So it is very common for people to go into engineering and then become entrepreneurs later on down the line, and what you can make here ranges widely all the way from like seventy thousand a year to a hundred billion dollars a year if you’re, elon, musk so Yeah this one definitely is gon na go into ester, although it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. Next one on the list is going to be a special one. It’S technically software related, but i wanted to include it on this list because i really like it – and that is security engineer, and this is basically exactly what it sounds like they try to keep systems safe.


They also monitor systems for threats they test them for bugs, etc, and, according to glassdoor security engineers make about a hundred and thirteen thousand dollars a year. So yeah this one definitely is gon na go into ester. Another possible career path would be engineering manager. Now i’ve talked about this before on the channel, but engineering majors who decide to go into an engineering related career actually make more money than any other type of major over a lifetime over the last 40 years about 3.5 million dollars on average, and it’s pretty good.


No matter where you go, even if you go into an art related career, you can still expect to make about three million dollars over a lifetime, which is pretty good, but the career path that makes the most over a lifetime. If you get an engineering degree is going into management at 4. 1 million dollars on average, so becoming a manager, is a really good option. This one is also going to go into s-tier next on the list is going to be a marine engineer and they’ll work on anything. That’S engineering related that has to do with the water.


So, according to bls marine engineers make about 93 000 a year and there’s about 9 800 jobs and it’s growing at 4, which is slower than average. Now the fact that 93 000 a year is on the lower side and then on top of that it’s growing slower than average makes me have to put this one in a lower tier. Now again, this is really good compared to all different careers out there, but for engineering careers. This one is going to go into c-tier next on the list is going to be chemical engineering and they use chemistry to create products and solve problems, and you find a lot of chemical engineers in industries like fuel food, drugs and chemicals. Now, according to bls chemical engineers, make about a hundred and five thousand dollars a year, there’s 26 000 jobs available and it’s growing at nine percent, which is as fast as average.


So overall, pretty good numbers here it doesn’t pop off the charts. So i’m going to put this one into a tier next on the list is going to be civil engineering and you would go into the career of civil engineer, so civil engineers helped to design the infrastructure of cities and, if you’ve ever been in a city that Has really bad infrastructure like cities where you know at certain times of the day it has ridiculous amounts of traffic. You will know why civil engineering is important. Their designs help to make your city both efficient, but also safe, so civil engineers can expect to make about. Eighty eight thousand 000 a year, there’s 309 000 jobs, which is really good, and it’s growing at eight percent, which is as fast as average.


So the pay here is quite a bit lower than a lot of the other engineering related careers on the list. However, there is a lot of jobs, so it kind of balances itself out it’s one of the lowest paying, but there’s a lot of jobs. So this one i would put maybe into high c tier low b tier just on this list. I’M going to have to put this one into c tier i’ll, go ahead and be nice and put it into b-tier next, one on the list is going to be electrical engineering. I think this one kind of goes without saying what electrical engineers do and, according to bls, electrical and electronics engineers make about a hundred and one thousand dollars a year.


There’s 313 000 jobs available, which is phenomenal and it’s growing at seven percent, which is as fast as average. So the combination of pretty good pay, it’s over six figures and then on top of that, there’s a lot of jobs available, and this is one of the most flexible, uh engineering related skill sets. This one is definitely going into s tier next on the list is going to be a production manager, type role, and it’s basically somebody who does a little bit of logistics and they also make sure the facility that they’re working in is efficient, but it’s also safe. So industrial production managers – you do see quite a bit of engineers going into this role and they make about a hundred and three thousand dollars a year. There’S 189 000 jobs available.


So you know pretty good and it’s also growing at five percent, which is a little slower than average. So, overall i’ll put this one into a tier next on the list is going to be a petroleum engineer and i think it’s pretty obvious and self-explanatory what they do. This is actually the highest paying degree period. Let’S not argue about it. Let’S go study it right.


So if you get a petroleum engineering degree, it’s the highest paying one and if you go into petroleum engineering, you can expect to make about a hundred and thirty thousand dollars per year. There’S twenty eight thousand jobs available and it’s growing at eight percent, which is as fast as average, so not a whole lot of jobs available. The natural gas industry also fluctuates quite a bit depending on you know all type of different geopolitical factors. So it’s not always the most stable industry for you to go into, but with that being said, this is the highest paying degree period a very high paying career as well. So i’m going to have to put this one into s tier next.


One on the list is a really cool one, and that is sales engineer. Sales engineers do all kinds of different things, but one of the main things is they help to advise their clients about what parts they’re going to need in order to keep their operations running smoothly and as a sales engineer, you can expect to make about 103 thousand Dollars on average, there’s 63 000 jobs available, and it’s growing at 8, which is as fast as average a very closely related one that you see on glassdoor is field sales engineer and they make about 107 000 on average, so yeah. This is a pretty good one. I’M pretty bullish on this one in the future as well. I could see this one being even higher, but for now i’ll go ahead and put it into a tier next.


One on the list is going to be biomedical engineer, and this is one that i personally think is really cool, because it combines kind of an engineering skill set with a medical skill set, and i do see this one being good, possibly in the future, depending on A bunch of things that are totally outside of our control or prediction, but unfortunately this one only pays about eighty thousand dollars a year according to glassdoor, which is one of the lowest on the list, and because of that, i actually have to put this one into F-Tier but like i said this, one could be really good in the future. There’S a lot of really cool stuff going on when it comes to biomedical science and biomedical engineering. Next, one on the list is going to be nuclear engineer. Now this is a type of engineer that works with everything related to nuclear power, and anything, that’s related to the energy industry is dependent on a bunch of factors that are completely outside of our control and in many cases they are artificial. So it could be that 50 years from now nuclear engineers are the best energy related engineer, or it could be that for some reason you know politicians ban nuclear engineering and you know you don’t have any jobs.


I personally think that nuclear engineering is awesome and i think that 100 years from now, it’s probably going to be the number one way that we get energy. But i can’t say the same thing for five or ten years from now. But with that being said, according to bls, they make about 120 000 a year 17 000 jobs available, and unfortunately the job outlook is pretty bad at negative, eight percent over the next 10 years. So when it comes to how much they make – and i am weighing that heavier in this list – because this is like the highest paying engineering career to your list uh – this is like almost s here, but because of the fact that it’s you know declining at negative. Eight percent i’m going to go ahead and put this one into a tier next on the list is going to be environmental engineer, and this is a type of engineer that works on all things related to the environment and sustainability.


Now this is one where i could see it doing very, very well in the future, i’m pretty bullish on this one, it’s kind of one of my dark horse candidates and one of the main reasons for that. Besides the fact that it’s, you know, probably a pretty good idea for us to not destroy the planet, but one of the other main reasons for that is because of the fact that many countries are incentivizing businesses to be more eco-friendly. And in my opinion, that is very smart, so sustainability is an industry that is really going to be booming, in my opinion, over the next 10 to 20 years. But with that being said right now, environmental engineers make about 85 000 a year, which is good, but not really that great for engineering related careers. So this one is gon na go into d tier next.


One on the list is going to be industrial engineer. It’s another one, i’m very excited about, because you combine kind of like a operations, management, logistics, type skill set with an engineering skill set and according to bls, they make about 95 000 a year. There is a whopping 292 000 jobs available and it’s growing at 14, which is faster than average, and on top of that, the industrial engineering related skill set does translate very easily into other types of careers related to business and technology. So it’s also a very flexible career as well. So, for all those reasons, even though the career itself is a little bit low, the other things boost it up to a tier status, all right, so it was hard to rank any of these badly, because engineering related careers are just really good.


So, honestly, when it comes to engineering related careers, i kind of just tell people to go for the one they’re most passionate about because past a certain level when it comes to how much money you make you’re, not gon na care. All that much about money right below that level, you definitely care about money, but once you get past that level, it’s not nearly as important and lifestyle passion and all those other things on maslow’s hierarchy of needs become more important to you. And if you like this video check this video out right here, i think you’re really going to enjoy it, and i will see you next time.


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