Joseph’s success story of landing a tech sales job in just 1.5 months while juggling a full-time job and taking care of six kids is nothing short of remarkable. In a recent interview with Shane, Joseph shared his inspiring journey and the strategies he used to achieve his goals.

Joseph’s background is from Brooklyn, New York, where he lived for most of his life before moving out of the United States for a couple of years as a teenager with his parents, who ran a home for street children in Guyana, South America. After college, he got married and started a family, which led him on a path of finding ways to provide for his family.

Joseph discovered tech sales after watching a video of Cyrus Harbin on Anthony O’Neill’s show. He became curious and started watching videos of Harbin and other YouTubers like Antoine Wade and Dressel, who provided education on the tech industry. Joseph had worked in different fields, including staffing agencies, churches, and patient care, and was currently working in inside sales at a solar company in the Northeast.

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Despite juggling a full-time job and taking care of six kids, Joseph was determined to change the trajectory of his family’s life. He enrolled in a tech sales boot camp and completed it in just 45 days. Joseph’s determination and resilience, which he calls grit, were motivated by his desire to provide a better future for his family and future generations.

Joseph landed his dream job in tech sales with Fresia, an employer that offers a 100% remote work-from-home option, competitive compensation, equity grants, unlimited PTO, and other benefits. The company’s work culture was different from the solar company where Joseph worked, which involved longer hours and working on weekends. The lifestyle difference was significant, and Joseph appreciated the work-life balance that the tech industry offered.

Joseph’s success story demonstrates that you don’t have to go to college to land a high-paying job like tech sales. Self-paced online courses like Course Careers offer a more flexible and affordable option for learning a new skill. Joseph encourages aspiring tech sales professionals to research the company they’re applying to and prepare for the interview by learning about the ideal customer profile, the company’s mission, and vision.

Joseph’s story is inspiring, and it’s a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and grit. Anyone can achieve their dreams with hard work and the right mindset.


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