Are you aspiring to become a successful manager or looking to improve your management skills? In this article, we will discuss the 11 habits of highly effective managers. These habits will help you become an outstanding manager and accelerate your learning process.


Richard McMahon, a retired Royal Navy member, a former Fire Service manager, and a current business owner, shares his 11 effective habits that helped him become a successful manager throughout his career.

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Habit 1: Take Ownership

Successful managers always take ownership of all situations within their remit. You will never hear an effective manager blame others for mistakes; they take ownership of all situations. Once you start to take ownership, your team members will follow suit, leading to increased productivity.


Habit 2: Set High Standards

Effective managers always set high standards from the beginning. Setting high standards gives you a reputation as a manager who does not settle for anything but the best. When you set high standards, people in your team take pride in their work, leading to a more productive team. Remember, if you lower standards at the start, it’s harder to raise them later on.


Habit 3: Look to Improve

Highly effective managers never think they have reached the pinnacle of their career. They always look to improve their skills and knowledge, whether by reading or attending training courses. Improving your skills and taking ownership of situations will make you an outstanding manager.


Habit 4: Listen More Than You Speak

Great managers listen more than they speak. Listening gives you more time, and it also gives you knowledge and power. Always listen to your team members and gain valuable information that will help you make informed decisions.


Habit 5: Build a Support Network

Great managers realize the importance of building a support network. As a manager, you should build relationships with people in your team, contractors, suppliers, stakeholders, and other managers in your organization. A support network is essential when things go wrong and you need people to call upon.


Habit 6: Sometimes Do Nothing

Highly effective managers know when to do nothing. Not every situation requires an immediate decision. Take time to assess the situation and gather more information before making a decision.


Habit 7: Filter Information

As a manager, you will have an abundance of information coming at you. You need to learn how to filter information, prioritize tasks, and focus on the most important ones. Create a list of things you need to do and prioritize them based on urgency and importance.


Habit 8: Get to Know Your Team Members

Regardless of your team’s size, get to know your team members, their strengths, weaknesses, and career aspirations. When you delegate tasks, you know who to delegate to, based on their strengths, and you can also help them improve their weaknesses.


Habit 9: Seek Feedback

Highly effective managers seek feedback from their team members and other professionals. They use feedback to their advantage and decide which parts are useful. Feedback is valuable in helping you improve your management skills.


Habit 10: Make Decisions Based on Facts

As a highly effective manager, always make decisions based on facts, not emotions. Take time to assess the situation and gather all the facts before making a decision. Don’t make decisions in the heat of the moment unless necessary.


Habit 11: Have a Mentor

Lastly, highly effective managers have mentors who guide and help them. Having a mentor speeds up the learning process, and they can provide valuable insights based on their experience.


In conclusion, these 11 habits of highly effective managers will help you become an outstanding manager. To improve your management skills further, you can enroll in Richard McMahon’s Management Skills Masterclass. The online course consists of 30 modules that cover a range of topics, including effective decision-making



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