The “Dream Catcher Program,” run by the Native American Community Health Center (NACHC) in Phoenix, Arizona, is inspiring Native middle school students to pursue careers in healthcare. The program, which has been running for three years, invites students to learn about health and wellness through hands-on activities and education.

The NACHC program is part of the broader Native American Urban Health Initiative, which aims to improve the health outcomes of Native Americans living in urban areas. The program works with middle schools across the Phoenix area to engage students in health education and mentorship.

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Through the Dream Catcher Program, students participate in activities such as CPR training, nutrition classes, and mental health awareness workshops. They also get the opportunity to interact with healthcare professionals and learn about career opportunities in the healthcare industry.

The Dream Catcher Program has had a positive impact on Native American youth in Phoenix. Many students who participate in the program report feeling more confident in their ability to pursue a career in healthcare. The program has also helped to address a shortage of healthcare professionals in Native American communities.

Overall, the Dream Catcher Program is a promising initiative that is making a positive impact on the lives of Native American youth. By inspiring the next generation of healthcare professionals, the program is helping to improve the health outcomes of Native American communities.


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