According to a new report published by the International Council of Nurses (ICN), the shortage of nurses worldwide has been declared a “global health emergency.”

The report states that the pandemic has significantly impacted the workforce, leading to an even greater shortage of nurses. The shortage is also a result of the aging population, the retirement of nurses, and the lack of resources to attract and retain nursing professionals.


International Council of Nurses

The report highlights the urgent need for investment in nursing education, retention, and recruitment. It also calls for increased recognition and support for nurses, who are essential to the healthcare system’s functioning. The report notes that nurses are often overworked and underpaid, leading to burnout and high turnover rates.

The shortage of nurses has significant implications for healthcare systems worldwide. Nurses are critical in providing care to patients, and a shortage can lead to increased patient mortality and morbidity rates. The pandemic has further highlighted the importance of nursing in the healthcare system, with nurses playing a critical role in managing the pandemic response.

The report’s publication coincides with World Health Day, which this year focuses on “building a fairer, healthier world.” The report emphasizes the need for a fairer and more equitable healthcare system that recognizes and values the critical role of nurses. It also emphasizes the importance of investing in nursing education and improving working conditions to address the global nursing shortage.

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