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In today’s fast-paced world, many adults strive to balance work, family, and the dream of furthering their education. The quest for a college that aligns with a hectic schedule leaves countless individuals feeling like finding the right fit is near impossible.

With online colleges offering a beacon of hope, it can be overwhelming to sort through options and pick one that best caters to the demands of busy adult lives.

Liberty University Online (LUO) stands out in 2023 as an institution tailored for those pressing needs. It’s not just any online university; LUO boasts being among the largest globally and understands that time is your most precious commodity.

This article dives into LUO’s offerings – from transfer credits to cost efficiency – providing you insights on how it could be your ideal educational partner. Ready? Let’s discover if Liberty University Online can unlock new doors for you!

Key Takeaways

  • Liberty University Online (LUO) is good for busy adults because you can transfer old college credits, work experience, or military training to save time and money.
  • LUO offers 172 online bachelor’s degrees with flexible scheduling so students can learn when it suits them best. They also have a special rate of $250 per credit hour for military students.
  • The school has a high admission rate at 99%, but the graduation rate is lower at 32%. Professors must respond quickly to emails and grade assignments within set times.
  • LUO provides cost – effective education with regional accreditation, meaning the degree will be respected by other schools and employers.
  • Liberty University incorporates Christian teachings in all courses which may not suit everyone. Students give the school an average rating of 3.7 out of 5.


Evaluating Liberty University Online (LUO)

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In our comprehensive evaluation of Liberty University Online (LUO), we delve into the pivotal aspects that define its suitability for busy adults seeking to further their education.

From analyzing how well LUO acknowledges previous learning with transfer-friendly policies to assessing the true value offered through cost and personal connection, our focus remains steadfast on uncovering a precise narrative of what prospective students can expect from this digital academic environment in 2023.


Transfer Friendliness


Liberty University Online understands that students often have past college credits, work experience, or military training. They make it easy to transfer these experiences into college credit.

This helps busy adults save time and money when working toward their degree. Liberty University even looks at credits from a long time ago, accepting some as far back as the 1970s.

They partner with Study.com, Sophia, CLEP, DSST, StraighterLine, and offer an in-house CLEP equivalent for transferring credits smoothly. Students need to complete only 25% of their coursework at Liberty University Online to get a degree.

That means if you’ve got old or new learning experiences outside of LUO, there’s a good chance they’ll count towards your degree here!




Studying at Liberty University Online can be a smart money choice for busy adults. You pay $390 per credit hour if you’re studying full-time. That’s a pretty good deal compared to many places.

If you don’t find ways to save, the total price might hit around $50,000 for non-military students. But don’t lose hope! There are tricks like using past learning or taking certain tests that could slash your costs down to about $13,000.

Now, if you’ve served in the military, there’s good news: Liberty University offers a big thank-you with tuition at just $250 per credit hour—one of the best military discounts out there.

With these prices and some smart planning, getting your degree won’t break the bank—it’ll be tough but doable on a budget.


Degree Choices & Student Experience


Moving from how much it costs, let’s talk about what you can learn and how it feels to be a student. Liberty University offers many degree programs. You can pick from 172 online bachelor’s degrees.

If you like business or psychology, they have great options there.

Your time as a student should feel good too. Many students say the classes are very flexible. This means you can study when it fits your schedule best. Plus, people give Liberty University high marks for its online learning system.

They really like all the different classes they can take.

But not everything is perfect. Some students want more talks with teachers and other students. Others think some classes are too easy or too hard. Still, most students seem happy with their experience at this school, giving it an average score of 3.7 out of 5 in reviews.


Personal Connection


I know first-hand how Liberty University Online works. I’ve been both a student and a teacher here. As a Ph.D. student, getting my degree from this place has taught me lots about online education.

My time teaching has shown me the true value of helping students transfer credits.

From these experiences, I see why adults like you might choose Liberty for an online degree. You’re looking to advance your career while managing life’s other big tasks. At Liberty, they get that and work hard to support busy learners like you aiming for bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

Liberty University’s Online Degree Options

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Liberty University stands out in the realm of online education by offering a diverse suite of degrees tailored for working adults, promising academic empowerment with adaptable scheduling to propel your career forward—discover how its programs align with your aspirations.


Variety and Flexibility


Liberty University stands out with its wide array of online bachelor’s degrees. Busy adults will find 172 different choices, ranging from business to psychology. They offer customized learning paths, such as the “Chipotle degree” in interdisciplinary studies, which lets you mix and match areas you’re interested in.

You can also save time by transferring credits from other schools or work experience toward general education requirements. This means fewer classes to take and a faster track to graduation.

With this kind of flexibility, it’s clear why Liberty earns an A grade for their online options.


Unique Degree Offerings


Liberty University stands out with some really cool degree choices. You might like their gaming design program if you’re into video games. They also teach about God and helping others in their theology, ministry, and online social work programs.

Want to mix things up? Their interdisciplinary studies degree lets you choose different classes to make a major that’s just for you.

You can learn a lot of different stuff here. With over 172 bachelor’s degrees focusing on business and psychology, there’s plenty to pick from. This means you get lots of chances to find what works best for your future job dream!


General Education Credits and Transfer Options


Earning a college degree is a big step for busy adults. Liberty University makes it easier with flexible transfer options.


  • Transfer Credits Easily: Liberty University allows students to bring in credits from other schools. This can help you skip up to 11 general education credits.
  • Save Time and Money: If you transfer credits, you might not need as many classes. This means finishing your degree faster and spending less money on tuition.
  • Wide Acceptance Range: The university accepts a lot of different kinds of past learning. These include military training, work experience, and even exams like CLEP.
  • Keep More of Your Credits: You might worry about losing hard-earned credits when switching schools. Liberty works hard to make sure you keep as many as possible.
  • Degree Customization: With the “Chipotle degree” in interdisciplinary studies, choose what you want to study. Mix and match courses to fit your interests and career goals.
  • Cut Down on Extra Classes: General education requirements at Liberty range between high 30s to low 40s in credits. Transferring credits can slash this down significantly.


Comparison to Other Colleges

In exploring the landscape of online higher education, we delve into how Liberty University stacks up against its counterparts. We consider factors like their admission processes and outcomes, juxtaposed with the quality of support services offered by each institution to ascertain where busy adults might find not just an education but a community that thrives on engagement and success.


Big Box Colleges vs. Boutique Shops


Big box colleges offer a wide range of online degrees, kind of like how stores like Walmart have lots of different items. They make it easy for many students to get in and start learning.

Liberty University is one example – they accept almost everyone who applies. But the number of students who actually finish their degree is not as high as some other places.

On the other hand, there are boutique shops in the education world too. These schools often have very special or unique programs that you might not find everywhere else. They might not take in as many students, but they focus on giving each person a more personalized experience.

Each student gets attention and help that fits just what they need.

Choosing between these two kinds of schools depends on what’s important to you – whether you want lots of options and an easier start or if you would rather have a place that feels just right for your specific goals.


Admission Rate and Graduation Rate


Evaluating the success and inclusivity of an institution involves examining its admission and graduation rates. These figures offer insights into the accessibility of the university to potential students and the success rate of those who enroll.


Institution Admission Rate Graduation Rate
Liberty University Online (LUO) 99% 32%


Liberty University Online boasts an exceptionally high admission rate, standing at 99%. This suggests the university extends opportunities to nearly all applicants, embodying an inclusive philosophy toward adult education. Conversely, the graduation rate is considerably lower, at 32%. This discrepancy indicates that while access to education is readily available, retention and completion pose significant challenges. The rate implies that for each successful graduate, two individuals discontinue their studies, which might reflect on the support systems and resources available to students throughout their educational journey. Such statistics are central to understanding the dynamics of an online learning environment tailored to busy adults. They provide a baseline for comparing LUO’s performance against other educational institutions.

An understanding of the customer service quality and faculty interaction at Liberty University Online will follow in our next section.


Quality of Customer Service and Faculty Feedback


At Liberty University Online, you can expect the customer service team to help with a smile. They are known for being friendly and quick when you need them during the admissions stage.

Once you’re in, professors have rules they must follow – they should answer your emails within 36 hours and grade your work within five days after you turn it in. This is faster than many other online colleges.

Faculty feedback might be different from one teacher to another. Some may just give high marks with few words while others take their time to offer detailed advice that helps you learn better.

As a Ph.D. student there, I found this too; some professors gave lots of helpful comments, but others not as much.

Asynchronous Approach and Accreditation

In the realm of online education, Liberty University stands out with its asynchronous learning model, offering unmatched flexibility for busy adults who need to balance their studies with work and family commitments.

Furthermore, it maintains rigorous standards as a regionally accredited institution, ensuring that its academic offerings garner respect and recognition in both the educational sphere and the job market.


Affordable Option and Regional Accreditation


Liberty University Online stands out as a cost-effective choice for students. It offers an asynchronous learning style, which means you can study on your own time without having to attend live classes.

This helps keep the money you need to pay lower because it doesn’t use up as many school resources. Plus, when it comes to paying for your education, financial aid and federal student aid are options that might help.

The quality of the degrees from LUO is solid too because the university has regional accreditation. This is important because it reassures you that other schools and employers will respect your degree when considering graduate studies or jobs.

Accredited online colleges like Liberty make sure that what you learn meets high standards so your hard work pays off in the real world.


Christian Institution and Student Reviews


Liberty University Online stands out for mixing learning with Christian teachings. This means every class includes Bible ideas. Before signing up, think about if this fits what you want from school.

Students have said different things about their time there. They rate it 3.7 out of 5 on average.

Some students aren’t happy with how much religion is in the classes or how the school handles personal problems. But others feel good about the education they get. The university gets a ‘B’ for student experience and shows a solid GPA of 3.5 as an institution.

Next up, let’s check out how Liberty takes care of its students outside of class.

Accountability and Student Accommodation

6. Accountability and Student Accommodation:.

Navigating the terrain of online education demands institutions to uphold rigorous accountability standards, ensuring an academic experience that not only aligns with professional expectations but adapts seamlessly to the varied lifestyles of busy adults.

Liberty University frames its student support systems around robust accommodation practices, designed meticulously to facilitate learning without compromise, demonstrating a commitment to nurturing success across their digital campus.


Faculty and Staff Responsiveness


Teachers and staff at Liberty University have to answer emails fastwithin 36 hours. They also need to grade your work quicklyno more than five days after you turn it in. This means you can get help and know your grades without waiting too long.

Sometimes the feedback from teachers is short with good grades, but other times they might write a lot to help you do better. Advisors who just finished school themselves might be new and still learning about the college.


Student Experience and Overall Grade


Liberty University Online scores a ‘B’ for how students feel about their time there. This grade shows that while it’s pretty good, there are still ways it can get better. A lot of students enjoy the classes and say they learn a lot.

They also like that they can talk to teachers when they need help.

The school gets an average score from students of 3.7 out of 5, which means most people are happy with what the school offers but some aren’t fully satisfied. Liberty University makes sure you’re not alone even though you take online classes, providing support and help along the way.

Next up is looking at how accountable the school is and what kind of help students get outside of classwork.


Finding the perfect college can be tough for busy adults. But there are great online options like Liberty University Online. They offer lots of courses and make it easy to join if you have credits from other schools.

You can study when it fits your schedule, and they care about each student’s success. So take that step towards a new learning journey – your future self will thank you!


1. What are the best online colleges for adults who work a lot?

Busy adults can check out schools like Western Governors University and Southern New Hampshire University. They offer fast-track programs, credit for what you already know, and degrees in many areas like business and nursing.

2. Can I finish my degree faster with online college courses?

Yes! Many online schools like Regis University have accelerated degree programs that let you finish quickly. You take exams to show what you know and skip ahead!

3. Does getting an online degree help me with my career?

Definitely! Online degrees from places like National University or Regent University can give you knowledge in fields like liberal arts or engineering to move forward in your job.

4. Is there help for grown-ups going back to school?

For sure! Adult learners at universities, such as Bethel or Northeastern, can get advice on careers and use federal financial aid to pay for classes.

5. Are the degrees from online colleges respected by employers?

Yes, they are! Look for accredited institutions like Capella University or Thomas Edison State University; their degrees mean a lot because they meet certain quality standards.

6.Do these online colleges accept credits from other schools or past experiences?

Many do! Places like the Oregon State University may let your previous learning count towards your new degree through credit by examination methods.


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