In this blog post, I will share my personal journey of obtaining a Master’s degree in Computer Science completely online from the Georgia Institute of Technology’s OM SCS program. I will provide high-level information about the program, discuss my favorite classes, and offer tips for those considering or currently enrolled in the program.

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High-Level Information about the OM SCS Program:

The OM SCS program at Georgia Tech is known for its affordability, costing less than $8,000 compared to other computer science programs. The program can be completed in approximately three years if one class is taken per semester, or in about a year and a half if two classes are taken per semester. To graduate, students must complete ten classes or have at least 30 credit hours. The program also offers specializations in machine learning, computational perception and robotics, interactive intelligence, and computing systems.

Struggles and Challenges Faced:

When I initially applied to the program, my application was rejected due to a perceived lack of technical background. However, after securing a job as a DevOps engineer, I reapplied and was accepted. I had no prior computer science background, having studied creative writing in my undergraduate degree and worked in IT roles. In my first semester, I struggled with the workload and received two F’s, which put me on academic probation. It took me three years to recover my GPA to a 2.9, and I had to write a petition to graduate with that GPA, which was approved.

Favorite Courses in the Program:

Among the courses I took, some of my favorites were Computational Photography, Graduate Intro to Operating Systems, Advanced Operating Systems, and Educational Technology. These courses offered engaging projects and allowed me to learn practical skills such as writing programs for high dynamic range photos, developing a file transfer protocol, and implementing the MapReduce framework for distributed computing.

Is the Program Worth It?

Despite the challenges, I found the OM SCS program to be highly valuable. It provided me with both technical and non-technical skills, improved my time management and problem-solving abilities, and offered real-world application through coding projects. Contrary to the stereotype that computer science degrees focus solely on theory, this program emphasized practical application.

Considerations Before Enrolling:

Before making a decision, it is important to consider the time commitment required for the program. Balancing a full-time job and coursework can be challenging. Additionally, the program may offer opportunities to learn skills that may not be readily available in a job setting, potentially redirecting one’s career path. It is crucial to evaluate personal circumstances and goals before committing to the program.

Tips for Surviving the OM SCS Program:

Based on my experience, I offer the following tips for those considering or currently enrolled in the program:
1. Start with one class per semester unless confident in handling the workload.
2. Work on projects consistently, even if it’s just for a short period each day.
3. Supplement course materials with YouTube videos to enhance understanding.
4. Seek one-on-one tutoring if struggling with specific topics.


Obtaining a Master’s degree in Computer Science online from Georgia Tech’s OM SCS program was a challenging but rewarding experience for me. The program provided valuable skills, improved my problem-solving abilities, and offered real-world application through coding projects. However, it is essential to carefully consider personal circumstances and goals before enrolling in the program. By following the provided tips, one can navigate the program successfully and make the most of their educational journey.


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