The Richmond Observer recently published an article about a successful FirstHealth CTE (Career and Technical Education) career fair that aimed to inspire Richmond County students to explore careers in the healthcare sector. The event was held at the Hamlet campus of Richmond Community College, where around 300 students from Richmond Senior High School and other local schools participated.

Healthcare Careers

The career fair was organized in collaboration with FirstHealth of the Carolinas, a healthcare organization providing a wide range of medical services to the community. The event featured interactive stations, showcasing various healthcare professions such as nursing, radiology, and physical therapy. It allowed students to gain hands-on experience, ask questions, and learn more about career opportunities in the field.

In addition to FirstHealth, other local organizations also participated, including the Richmond County Health Department, the Sandhills Center, and Sandhills Regional Medical Center. These organizations provided information and resources to help students make informed decisions about their future careers.

The FirstHealth CTE career fair was a significant initiative in promoting healthcare as a viable career option for Richmond County students. By introducing them to various healthcare professions and providing valuable resources, the event aimed to inspire students to pursue rewarding careers in the healthcare industry. Such initiatives are crucial in addressing the increasing demand for healthcare professionals in the region and across the nation.

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