The video is about comparing two online learning platforms, Straighterline and Sophia Learning, for a fast and cheap way to graduate college. Straighterline has over 150 partner colleges and charges a monthly membership fee of $99, but also a fee per course for tutoring and practice exams, making it more expensive than Sophia Learning, which has no proctored exams and no additional fees for courses.

Straighterline offers more higher level classes such as calculus and physics, while Sophia Learning has a wider variety of classes and is constantly adding more.

The video suggests taking all available classes on Sophia Learning to avoid proctored exams and extra course fees, then transferring credits to Straighterline for classes not offered on Sophia and then transferring credits to a university of choice.

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Welcome to my channel, where I’ll be bringing you all of the hacks for cheap college, making money and I’ll be documenting my journey transitioning into the field of tech. Last week we talked about Sophia learning, so if you missed that make sure you go back to my last video and check that out, because today, I’m going to be comparing Sophia learning to straight is a website that has over 150 accredited partner colleges that Guarantee they will 100 accept any credits that you have earned from their site, similar to Sophia learning.


Their membership is also 99 a month, but the main difference is that they also charge a fee per course that covers the cost of tutoring and practice exams. This essentially makes the price a little bit more expensive than Sophia learning, as Sophia learning actually doesn’t have any proctored exams at all and does not charge any additional fees for their courses. But don’t worry because, as long as you have a webcam, you can take your Proctor exams on from the comfort of your own home and everything is self-paced. So it’s up to you when you’re ready to take it.


Although Sofia learning has a lot of classes to choose from and they are constantly adding more at the moment, I did notice that actually has more classes, especially higher level classes such as calculus, 2 physics, chemistry and ANP, just to name a few. To find a specific class, all you have to do is click on the courses, tab, click on the subject, and then you can see all of the courses that they offer and their individual course fees. While this is a bit more pricey than Sophia learning do keep in mind that this is still significantly cheaper than going to a traditional College which charges you hundreds of dollars per credit hour per class. So this is an amazing option to avoid loans and save multiple years of college.


Take all of the classes that are available at Sophia to avoid fractured exams and extra course fees. And then, when you run out of classes to take at Sophia, go to Straighterline Com and take the classes that you need that Sophia does not offer. Then you can transfer in the credits from and into the University of your choice.






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