At last here is a great video if  you are  looking to improve your business English skills? Look no further than the “How to Speak like a Manager” series created by Rebecca from engVid.

In this series, you’ll learn how to upgrade your general English to advanced business English by focusing on different verbs, adjectives, and nouns.



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In this lesson, Rebecca focuses on eight key verbs that can be used in various collocations or combinations of words, allowing you to use them in all kinds of situations, not just professional, but also social or personal. The eight verbs are “identify,” “resolve,” “motivate,” “focus,” “minimize,” “maximize,” “generate,” and “implement.”


For instance, instead of saying, “I need to find out what’s wrong,” you can say, “I need to identify the problem.” Similarly, instead of saying, “I need to fix the problem,” you can say, “I need to resolve the issue.” These higher-level verbs help make your language sound more professional.


Furthermore, Rebecca provides numerous examples of how to use these verbs in various contexts. For instance, you can focus on your priorities or goals, minimize costs, maximize profits or investments, and generate more sales or interest in a particular subject. You can also implement a strategy, a plan, or a consultant’s recommendations.


Rebecca emphasizes that the more you use these verbs, the more comfortable you will become using them in professional situations, such as in emails, job interviews, or conversations with colleagues. She has also created a resource with over 100 words that can be used in combination with these eight verbs to help you continue improving your business English skills.


Overall, the “How to Speak like a Manager” series provides valuable insights into upgrading your general English to advanced business English. By focusing on key verbs and their various collocations, you can elevate your language skills and sound more professional in all kinds of situations.



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