Morehouse College, a beacon of academic excellence, has recently launched a groundbreaking initiative aimed at providing a lifeline to black men who embarked on their college journey but couldn’t see it through to completion. This innovative program, known as Morehouse Online, is designed to help these individuals earn their degrees through online classes, thereby opening up a world of opportunities for them.


The primary objective of Morehouse Online is to empower black men by enhancing their career prospects. The college’s leadership, recognizing the critical need for such a program, is committed to ensuring that these men are given a second chance at completing their higher education. This initiative is a testament to Morehouse College’s unwavering commitment to the education and development of black men.

The importance of finishing what one starts, especially in terms of education, cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, many black men have found themselves in a situation where they’ve taken some college classes but haven’t been able to secure a degree. According to US Census data, this predicament affects over three million black men.

Morehouse Online is a response to this issue. The program is designed to be accessible and flexible, catering to individuals who may have been unable to complete their education due to financial constraints, family responsibilities, or military obligations. The advent of online classes, which were not widely available in the early 2000s, now makes it possible for these individuals to balance their commitments while pursuing their degrees.

During the pandemic, Morehouse College went above and beyond to support its students, providing necessary technology and hotspots to those in need. This level of support will continue with Morehouse Online, ensuring that even non-traditional applicants without laptops can participate in the program.

In addition to launching Morehouse Online, the college is also working on creating a scholarship for employees to attend Morehouse online. This initiative is being developed in collaboration with various companies, further demonstrating Morehouse College’s commitment to making education accessible to all.

Morehouse College has always been a champion for the education of black men. With the launch of Morehouse Online, the college is taking a significant step towards ensuring that more black men can complete their degrees and unlock their full potential.


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