There are many free online courses out there to take, but sometimes it can be hard to find them. We curated this list of the top 10 most useful free online courses that cover topics that can help you get ahead in your career and make the job market easier.


If you told people 10 years ago that they’d be able to learn anything in the world they wanted for free, they would’ve told you, You are crazy. But here we sit in 2021 and the world is literally at our fingertips and that’s why we’ve got the top 10 most useful online courses that are free to share with you today.

#1  Jordan Peterson, University of Toronto. When you’ve been nominated five years in a row as one of Ontario’s best university lecturers, then you know this is a man worth learning from. Adding to that. Peterson is one of three professors rated as life changing in the University of Toronto’s undergrad, student handbook, of course ratings. He, along with students and colleagues have published over a hundred scientific papers covering the modern understanding of creativity, competence, and personality. Peterson has his own YouTube channel with 3.74 million subscribers where he posts his university and public lectures. He interviews a wide array of people on a huge variety of topics. Some of his most popular videos include how to organize your life properly, the psychology of the Flood, biblical lectures, and stop being so bloody nice a lectures. Getting an education is way more than just a piece of paper. It’s also about being educated in life and your role in it, which is why Jordan Peterson will offer you a lifelong education for free.

#2  programming for everybody getting started with Python, the University of Michigan on Coursera, you’ll be able to select from thousands of free online courses. The courses that were most popular in 2020 included this one, which saw over 2 million students enroll online. Coursera is affiliated with over 200 universities and all of their courses are conducted by reputable qualified lecturers. Programming for everybody covers the basics of constructing a program using simple instructions in Python. The course only requires moderate computer experience giving the grounding to continuous more advanced programming courses. According to Coursera, 30% of students started a new career after finishing the course, 31% affirmed it created a tangible career benefit for them with 12% citing a pay increase from it. The instructor is Charles Russell Severance, who received a rating of 4.85 out of five for his teachings. Feedback from some of his students included, I loved it.

Dr. Chuck is extraordinary in his explanations. A great way to start on Python programming and extremely basic, but Dr. Chuck is so interesting that you never get bored. You can pass the course in a few days with minimum or even no programming knowledge. It’s a good starting point for beginners. Number three, artificial intelligence for robotics. Stanford University, Sebastian Thrun is the founder of Google X and Google’s self-driving car team. He’s also CEO of Kittyhawk Corporation and chairman and co-founder of Udacity, an American for-profit education organization that also offers free courses on his own platform. Throne offers this course backed by Stanford University where he used to lecture by enrolling. In this course, you’ll learn the basic methods in artificial intelligence, including probabilistic inference, planning and search, localization, tracking and control, all with a focus on robotics. The course finishes with a runaway robot, which you’ll need to chase and hunt down using the skills you learned in the course.

The course is five star rated with one user describing it as wonderfully taught, very elegant building of concepts from minimal discourse. Show me, don’t tell me leads to deep understanding. Naturally. A very gifted teacher Henday lectures. We encourage you to subscribe to our channel to never miss one of our daily videos, All of them made with you in mind. Number four, psychology on iTunes. You with Professor Paul Bloom, iTunes, you is gaining a lot of momentum as a great alternative to traditional studying. The beauty about taking a course through iTunes U is that it’s a seamless integration between your Apple devices making, studying anywhere, anytime a possibility. Yale has an excellent open course psychology collection available on iTunes U under the TU of Professor Paul Bloom. Some of the subjects explored include lust, hunger, religion, memory, communication, and perception. Bloom has an incredible collection of titles available for you to listen on Audible as well.

You might even find it hard to pick just one. For the free down though we have to offer you, we suggest just babies the origins of good and evil or against empathy, the case for rational compassion. Get your free download now by heading to And interestingly, Paul Bloom recently tweeted, He’ll be leaving Yale University to join the psych department at the University of Toronto in July, 2021. Now wouldn’t a discussion between Paul Bloom and Jordan Peterson, who’s also there, Be absolutely epic. Number five, Justice by Michael Sendell, Harvard University a LERs. This course was Harvard University’s first freely available course online and on television given by Michael Sendell, a political philosopher at Harvard University. Law School explores critical analysis of classical and contemporary theories of justice. According to Class Central, one student described it as highly advisable for illegal students who want to think out of the box readings come from John Locke, Emmanuel Kant, John Raws, John Stewart, and of course Aristotle with debate, diving deeply into topics like income distribution, human rights, same-sex marriage, affirmative action and more.

Hence, speaking of Aristotle, if you’re a fan, we’ve got a great video to suggest that’s up your alley. It’s called 15 Business Lessons from Socrates. There we shift our attention to some solid advice from the man who once said, I am the wisest man alive for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing. Number six, fundamentals of digital marketing. Google Digital Garage with over 100 courses to choose from Google Digital Garage is a great option if you’re in need of free online courses that have zero time limits, unlimited access, beautifully set out modules and videos. Courses are interactive and once you’ve completed a course, you receive an accredited Google certificate which you can add to your resume. The fundamentals of digital marketing is a 40 hour course with 26 modules. The course is accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau of Europe and the Open University.

The course is crammed with real world examples and practical exercises. Just to begin with, you’ll learn to identify your online goals, how to build an online presence, how to market your online presence, and how to analyze and adapt to online change. And the best part, LuxS, you can start right now. Number seven, University of California Berkeley X Book Club. Now it’s time for something a little different through the University of California. You could join the online Berkeley X Book club, Think Pride and Prejudice Dracula by Bram Stoker, a room with a view from Forster or even Dubliners by Joyce, where over the course of four weeks, you’ll be able to sink your teeth into the novel, dissect it, unravel it, and debate it with other students interested in the same text. Participants read the text, discuss it, and then write about the influence the book had or still has according to blank course.

Course materials will include background information for understanding the text, as well as vocabulary and language support. Assessment will include quizzes and short writing assignments. Number eight, 3D printing classes. Skillshare dubbed the Netflix of Learning. Skillshare has over 10,000 courses available and you can sign up for a two month free trial. So for two whole month sale lectures, you can study anything you want for free. The difference with Skillshare is that courses are not necessarily given by professors or teachers, but are given by those in the business with expertise and experience. We are highlighting their wide range of 3D printing classes available, and we suggest you start with introduction to 3D printing, an easy start to your first 3D design given by designer and technologist, Lauren sl. Lauren has contributed her skills to Apple Inc. The Museum of Modern Art, the un, the Miss Foundation and Etsy, and teaches you how to model a 3D handheld print-ready object using only free tools.

And the best part is no prior experience is necessary. Number nine, Buddhism through its scriptures, Harvard University trending. Now is this course available through Harvard University and we’re thrilled because we’ve got a video coming up, which you’ll definitely enjoy. 15 of the most valuable lessons from Buddha, so be sure to check that one out. The four week long course is given by Charles Hallee, Yean, Numa, senior lecturer on Buddhist literatures, professor at Harvard University, and Alexis Bader, a doctoral student in Buddhist studies in the committee on the Study of Religion at Harvard University. The course isn’t just aimed at those new to Buddhism, but also those who’ve been practicing for years. You are given carefully selected scriptural and informational readings along with exposure to the arts, devotions, and literary works. You’ll learn how to apply the teachings to your own life and gain a deeper understanding of Buddhism.

#10 making sense of the news. News literacy lessons for Digital Citizens, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. This course is rated 4.93 out of five stars and it’s led by several reputable lecturers from the University of Hong Kong. It’s a six week course helping you to discern the fake news propaganda, hoaxes, satire, advertising, and rumors from the real deal and in the digital space we’re currently living in. It can be difficult to make that distinction. Sometimes. Over the course of six weeks, you’ll develop critical thinking skills, which will help you to identify fact from fiction. As one student describes it useful and meaningful. As we are living in an age of information overload, the ability to make sensible application of information is just too important. It’s definitely worth signing up for. It’s not only useful, but completely free.

We hope you found this article helpful. By making yourself more marketable, you can earn a higher salary and have more success at work. We hope these courses can help your career, too! Please contact us with any questions or comments to help us improve this article.


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