Taking an MBA is one of the most cost-effective ways to get the skills you need to enter the workforce. But while the school may lead to a lucrative career, the real question is where in the workforce are you going to find it? Watch video below which will look at the best jobs for MBA graduates in the United States.

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So you’ve decided to pursue your MBA. You knowit’s a good investment but how does it pay offfor years to come? Well here’s the good news:tech companies like Amazon, Google and Zoom areaggressively recruiting MBA holders for all typesof roles. Earning an MBA takes commitment but thepayoff can be well worth the effort. Here aresome of the best jobs you can get with an MBA.

If you’re great at organizing projects and people,you may want to try a career as a project manager.Jobs are expected to grow 33% over the nextsix years with a median annual salary of$77,420. Demand in the technology sector and thegrowing adoption of remote workwill fuel career growth as a PM.


To become a project manager you’ll needa bachelor’s in business administration,business management or a related field. Youcan also advance in the field with an MBAconcentration in project management or anyof these certificates in project management.

If the financial focus ofan MBA is more appealing,a career as an accountant could be a good match.With projected growth of 4% over the next eightyears and a median salary of $73,560, it’seasy to see why this MBA path is growing.Demand for accounting jobs is expected tocome from continued changes to industrystandards and regulatory policies,and also from overall economic growth.To become an accountant you’ll need at least abachelor’s in accounting or a related field.


Withan MBA in accounting or CPA certificateyou’ll be able to advance your career.

Another option is to considera financial manager job.Jobs are expected to grow 15% over the next eightyears. The median annual salary for one of theseroles is $134,180 with the top 10% of salariesupwards of two $280,000. Growth is expected tobe fueled by advances in financial technologyalong with economic growth and globalization.Financial manager roles require a bachelor’sof business administration, accounting,finance or economics.

There are also a host ofcertifications you can earn to boost your career.


People management is another lucrative path forMBA earners. Careers as management consultantsare projected to grow by 11% over the next eightyears with an average annual salary of $80,000.Demand is expected to be particularlyhigh in the fields of health care and IT,so it could be a great way to break intothose fields if you’re not already there. For a role as a management consultant you’llneed a bachelor’s in business administration,business management, economics, marketing,finance, accounting, computer and informationscience or a related field.



An MBA orprofessional certification as a certifiedmanagement consultant will help you advance. Those with superior mathematical skills mayfind a career as an operations research analystappealing. With a projected growth of 25% overthe next eight years, these analysts have a medianannual salary of $86,200 with the top 10% earningsalaries over $144,000. Job growth is expected tocome from advancements in technology that willmake it easier for businesses to access andinterpret larger volumes of data. Healthcare andIT are leading the way for growth in this field.

Operations research analysts should havea bachelor’s in business administration,engineering, analytics, mathematics,computer science or a relatedfield. You can advance with an MBA. Another job for those who are good with largedata sets are business intelligence analyst roles.These jobs are projected to grow 11% overthe next eight years, with an average annualsalary of $70,000. Demand is expected to remainhigh due to growth in both the health and ITsectors.

To secure a business intelligenceanalyst role, you’ll need at least a bachelor’sin computer science, engineering, businessadministration, information systems, economics ora closely related field. If you plan to accelerateyour advancement, earn an MBA or masters in IT.


Last but far from least with a medianannual salary of $142,170, it’s a jobas a product marketing manager. This role isprojected to grow 6% over the next eight years.Business to business marketing professionalsspecifically are currently in high demand,especially in high-tech markets likeSeattle, San Francisco, Denver and Austin.

To land a role as a product marketing manageryou’ll need a bachelor’s in marketing,business management, communicationor a closely related field.An MBA in marketing willhelp you advance your career. Read more about the top jobs for MBA graduatesin 2022 and beyond at Bestcolleges.com..


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