Tuition-free universities are becoming very popular with students that have the opportunity to attend them. Because of this, there are a lot of students that are looking for a tuition-free university that will provide them with a quality education. Watch video below  it will walk you through the process of finding a tuition-free university that is legitimate. You’ll also be able to determine what your school tuition costs may be.

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So i want to use, like i said university of the people as an example we’re going to jump over to my computer and i’m going to show you how to actually find out if this is legit. If it’s worth your time or if you need to try to explore other avenues, so let’s jump over to my computer, we’re on university of the people’s website and, as you can see, they brand themselves as 100 online tuition free degree programs. Okay. Now, if you go to their tuition, free section, you’re gon na see that they say yep, we don’t have fees 100 online, accredited all this kind of stuff. Okay, now here is the truth: let’s go to their fees page and i’ll, walk you through exactly how much it’s really going to cost, because it’s not actually tuition free.


Now, if you look, what are the fees as you can see here? They charge you like registration fees and then they charge you for all of your exams. So they say: hey you can take our coursework. You can go through the coursework for free, but when you go to take the exam, it’s actually going to cost money. You’Re going to have to pay for the class when you go to take the exam and sometimes they’ll even say you know what you can pay for the exam later and you go pay for the exam and then before you actually can get your diploma.


You owe a bunch of money to get that diploma. Now, if you look down here, they say the total approximate cost to earn a degree at university of the people are the following. A bachelor’s degree is almost five thousand dollars. Plus you got to think of all these to it, these added fees so probably around five grand and mbas an additional thirty six hundred dollars. So, as you can see, it’s not actually free, but a bachelor’s degree for five thousand dollars would be worth it if it was a really highly accredited school, highly accredited degree and could get you a sweet job.


So, let’s kind of go into kind of how do you make that decision? How do you find out if this is legit? Okay, now one thing i want to talk about first is paying for the tuition five grand the first thing. I want to point out here: this is on university of the people’s website. University of the people doesn’t participate in federal funding aid like fafsa, okay.


They don’t allow fafsa, so let’s say you’re comparing university of the people degree, and it’s going to cost you five thousand dollars or you’re going to go to another school that cost 10. 15. 20. 30, forty thousand dollars, but you can get fafsa. You can get government grants to pay your tuition for you, you’re, actually paying more to go to university of the people than to go to a better school.


That does accept government grants. So that’s the first thing i want you to consider: do you qualify for government grants and if you don’t, is this going to be worth it? Okay, let’s go into that? Okay! So if you do qualify for government grants, there are much better schools than university of the people.


If you don’t, let’s look at some more stuff. Okay. Now i want to talk about accreditation, okay, accreditation, there’s, two types of accreditation, there’s, national accreditation and there’s regional accreditation. Guess what national is lower regional is higher 85 of universities in the united states of america are regionally accredited. That’S like the top tier of accreditation.


15 only have national accreditation, which is the very lowest form of accreditation. You can basically have to call yourself a college or university. You have to have one of those two 15, that’s like the bottom barrel: schools. Okay! Now there is a website if you go to ope. okay, this is government website where you can search and basically find out a university’s accreditation, we’re going to search university of the people, click search and they do come up. We’Ll click on it and, as you can see, they’re accredited by the distance education, accrediting, commission, okay, so they are accredited. What type of credit accreditation is that okay, there’s actually a pretty cool article? If we look over here, this is that an article by drexel university really good information.


I can leave the link down below in the description, but, as you can see, if we scroll through this article, they have a list, they have national accreditation institutions, which is the lower form. Okay and as you can see the first one here – distance education and training council – that’s the institution that accredits university of the people. They are nationally accredited, not regionally accredited, and you can use this same tool. You can find other schools use the same tool. I just showed you before, and you can come down here to this article and there is a list of regional accreditation institutions.


Okay, that’s the higher form of accreditation, so university of the people is not regionally accredited. That’S another red flag, okay, red flag! Number three three strikes you’re out right: red flag number: three: this is a um. This is from data usa, and what they’re studying here is how much time does it actually take to graduate from university of the people? Okay in 2020, eight percent of students graduating from university of the people completed their program within a hundred percent or normal time, four years for a four-year degree, so eight percent of people earned a four-year degree from university of the people in four years.


Eight percent: okay, going on 31, completed their degrees within 150 of normal time, which is six years. Okay, 31 percent of people finished in six years or less at university of the people and 64 of people graduated within eight years or 200 percent of the normal graduation time, 64 percent of people took more than six years less than eight years. Okay, that’s terrible! That is absolutely terrible, so you’re really gon na come out of pocket at least five thousand okay taxes and fees and they’re, probably always adjusting. It, probably depends on which major you’re going into okay.


That’s number one number: two: they don’t accept. Fafsa, okay, you can’t get government grants, so all those fees have to come out of your own pocket number three. They are nationally accredited, not regionally accredited accredited. So the quality of education is lower. Okay and number four.


It takes longer than average to graduate okay. So do you want to come out of pocket for your degree and take longer for a lower level degree? The answer is probably no. Now. If people actually do this research beforehand, a vast major vast majority of people will say no no way in heck.


I’m ever going to this school, the reason they make money and the reason they get students enrolling is because most people don’t know this information before they start college. Well, what happens is if you go two years into this degree, you’re going to want to finish. Instead of losing all your credits that they’re going to make you pay for later, okay now there are other ways to earn college degrees, almost free, okay, in very little amount of time. My personal favorite process for earning degrees faster, is called degree hacking. I earned a bachelor’s degree in nine months and i came out of pocket two hundred dollars for tuition.


Okay, it’s so much faster, it’s so much cheaper! I’m gonna leave a link down below to a video. That’s basically a degree hacking tutorial. You can literally click there and watch it for free, no strings attached. The purpose of this video.


I wanted to show you that these tuition-free universities, it’s a it’s a marketing, hoax. Okay, i do marketing for a living. I i’m good at recognizing when something is legit and when it’s not – and i will tell you in my personal in my personal opinion, this is not legit. It’S a total marketing ploy and it’s not worth your time. Okay, now other tuition, free universities are going to say things like hey.


You don’t have to pay tuition. If you come and work for us as an employee, while you’re going to school, that’s tuition, free it you’re there there’s no university. That’S really free that you, where you walk away with a diploma. At the end, there are some universities that say: hey. You can come to take some classes for free things like that.


But if you want a college diploma, there’s no such thing as free. Okay, degree. Hacking is the closest thing to free i have ever found and i’ll leave that link down below in the description. If you want to learn that process and like i said you can do it way faster and save a whole bunch of money, hope you have a wonderful day hope this video has added value to your day like the video subscribe to the channel and click the Notification bell to see more videos, just like this talk to you in the next video


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