If you want to be promoted faster, there are 7 powerful ways you can implement right away. This video is a breakdown of these 7 powerful ways. Dan Lok breaks down these 7 ways you can implement right away to get promoted faster in a company.


Today we gonna talk about the seven ways to get promoted faster if you’re working for a company. Now assuming you’re using some of the techniques now you got your job, or you’ve been working in a job for some time now, what could you do to kinda move up the ladder? Now, these seven ways only work if assuming who you’re working for is not a freaking idiot, okay? If you’re working for an idiot, you’re working with a bunch of idiots, right?

Your coworker’s an idiot and it’s a toxic environment, this does not apply.


Assuming you’re working for a good leader, you’re working for a visionary and you are working in a very healthy, positive environment, these seven tips will help you. Number one, think like your boss. Don’t think like your coworkers or your buddies, your friends at work. That’s not the point because whatever they’re doing, chances are they might have some bad habits.

Your job is to solve problems for whoever your superior is. Could be your supervisor, could be your VP, could be your director. Doesn’t matter where you are within the company.


You gotta think a few steps ahead. Now, within my company we have the kind of three levels of thinking everybody knows.

First of all you understand how I think. How the CEO thinks. Second you gotta solve problems. Third, once you get very good, you should solve problems before even the problem comes up. So, know how I think, solve problems and then solve problems before it comes up.

We actually have a term within the company called, my job, as the leader of the company, as the visionary of the company, my job is to drop bombs, right? And we have actually a term, within the company called “Bomb squad”. And their job is to catch the bomb and diffuse the bomb, right? ‘Cause I will be coming up with ideas, strategies, initiatives or relationships, I bring that to the company but it’s the team that helps to catch the bomb, and then diffuse the bomb.


How fast you rise up to the ladder depends very much on how fast you can catch the bomb and how fast you can diffuse those bombs and solve the problems for your boss.

Not just doing whatever you’re asked to do but thinking just a few steps ahead. And when you do that you’ll naturally get promoted a lot faster. Number two, take extreme ownership. One of the core values within our Dan Lok organization is extreme ownership. That means taking responsibility for all your actions.

Now, in the typical corporate culture there are a lot of backstabbing and pointing fingers, “Oh, it’s not my fault” and “She did that” and “He did that.” As a company it’s not healthy to have that. Now assuming you are in a healthy environment you want to take extreme ownership. That also means that if someone assigns a task to you, even though maybe it’s a team effort, but the buck stops with you. If it doesn’t get done, if you miss the deadline, you take responsibility, versus, “Oh because she’s holding another project”, or “That’s his fault”, or “I don’t have enough resources”.



That is not gonna get you promoted. Because again, you wanna think a few steps ahead and solve problems before it comes up. It’s not about resources. It’s about becoming resourceful. So, taking extreme ownership in all things you do.

How you do anything is how you do everything. So it’s not just at work, but other areas of your life. I believe this is a very good value to live by. Take extreme ownership. Number three, avoid office gossips and politics.

Now my entire career I’ve only worked for someone else for one year of my life. That was it. I was working at a supermarket making minimum wage and one of the things I hated the most about that toxic environment was the office politics. A lot of backstabbing, even though I was doing my best and it’s always you have the people who belong to kinda this group and that group and you don’t know who’s gonna kind of back stab you. Or they’re talking shit behind your back.

And I just, I hated that environment, because I wanna grow, I want to be better.


And I don’t like to work in an environment like that. So, when you’re working within a company don’t try to get ahead by like stepping down on somebody or trying to set somebody up. That’s not how you get ahead. Because a good CEO, a good leader will see through that immediately.

Personally, within my company we have zero, zero tolerance in terms of office politics or like all these gossips. I don’t care who that person is. I don’t care how valuable that person is. I don’t care how high-performance that person is. If that person’s involved in doing these office politics I will not have that person within my company.

Because that’s how you create a toxic culture, right? And then it becomes a thing where it’s a conflict, it’s always a struggle, it’s a power pull. We don’t want that. We want everyone to focus on the mission and we go into the same direction.


So, avoid all those things.

Focus on what you do, do well, help your colleagues, help your coworkers. Support them and help them grow. Then it becomes a very nice, positive momentum that hey, we’re elevating people we’re not putting down people. So avoid all those office politics and gossips. Number four, prepare for your next, next job.

Now this is very, very profound. I don’t care where you are at within the company. Maybe you coming in a very junior position, right? You’re a clerk, you’re admin. You are a support.

It doesn’t matter. Because don’t focus on this is what you’re doing, this is just what you’re doing right now. Let’s say if you come in the company you are in…

in the admin role, but your goal is actually to be the VP of sales.


That’s where you wanna be in three to five years. What you wanna do is you wanna think about, if I wanna be in that position, if I wanna be in that leadership position, what do I need to do today to get yourself ready? A lot of people, they wait. Oh, once I get that job, once I get that promotion then I’ll figure how this works.

That’s not how life works. You need to think, operate from you’re already there, doesn’t mean you’re acting arrogant and things like that. I’m talking about operating who do you need to be in order to be able to handle that role, right? If you’re the VP of sales, guess what, you need leadership skills, you need sales skills, you need organizational skills. What are you doing today, right now, to get some of those skill sets?

So when you actually get the role you are not trying to figure it out.


“Well, I guess I could handle it”. No, you’ve been waiting for this for the last three years, for the last five years. Like, now it’s time to shine. Now what’s very interesting is when you act as if, write this down, “act as if” that’s your position you’re thinking about how a VP of sales would act, would behave, would make decisions, would hire, would recruit, would develop people.

When you’re thinking from that perspective the people around you will see that, right? And if your boss is smart he will recognize that. And then you would bring up ideas. “You know what, I think within the sales division we could make some of these improvements.” “I notice like this area we’re doing well but here is an area that we’re not focusing on.

” “And I think this is something that we could do.” “Bring in more revenue.” You’re already talking about it.


You’re bringing ideas on the table. And your CEO will see that.

He’s like, “Hmm, maybe this person could take that role?” With a little bit of nurturing, with a little bit of guidance, with a little bit of coaching, right? So, prepare, not for the job today, for your next, next job. Think ahead and operate from here, not from here. And number five, share your ambition with your boss.

I mean, he cannot read your mind. He doesn’t know where you want to be, right? Where do you see yourself. So don’t be afraid to share. Hey, you know what, manager, CEO, right?

You talk to them and say, “This is my goal, this is my career path. “How do you feel about that?” And ask for coaching. Ask for guidance. Don’t be afraid.

I can tell you that as a CEO I cannot wait to have my staff talk to me and say, “Hey, you know what, “this is really what I’m working on.


“Like in two years I wanna get to this position.” “Help me.” “What do I need to do?” “What recommendations?

” “What books would you recommend me to read?” “What courses would you recommend I take?”, right? “What expectations would you have “for a person in this position?” But most people never ask.

But if you take the time and don’t be afraid, and you actually ask, you will be shocked! Like I can’t wait. I will be like, “Okay, you just, “if you wanna do this “do this and this and this and then this”.


If you can make, meet these expectations, that job is yours. It’s very, very simple.

So, share your ambition. Don’t hide it, nobody can read your mind, all right? Also sometimes share that with your coworkers selectively. So they know that that’s where you wanna go, and in some cases maybe they also be able to help you on your path as well. So, don’t hide, I know maybe you’re shy, you’re a bit of introvert.

But that people skill to be able to share your goals, your vision is very, very critical. Number six, establish relationships across the entire organization. Now depends on the size of the company you’re working for. Maybe within your division, meaning sometimes when you are finish your work but spend a little bit time with your coworkers. Get to know each other.

Get to know them, them get to know you. Because chances are any size company, any decent size company that green light, let’s say you wanna get promoted, it’s not one person decision. Chances are the executive team or the managers will be involved in the decision. So maybe the boss loves you and wants to promote you but if all the managers are saying no, guess what, you’re not getting that promotion.


Now I’m not talking about being a suck up.

I’m not talking about being a people pleaser. I’m talking about maintaining good relationship with everyone you know, right? So that at least they feel comfortable with you. So when your name is brought up in the meeting, say, “Yeah, you know what, “I think she would be perfect for that new role. “And he would be more than capable.

“I see the way that he works and the way that she works”. You see, this is why the whole backstabbing, all those stuff, it doesn’t work. Because if you’ve been like backstabbing people, having a bad relationship with almost everyone on the team you could be a high-performer but they are not gonna back you up. And you need other people to back you up. And you don’t get that when you need them, you can’t develop the relationships, right?

Get to know them, they get to know you.


Hang out a little bit, outside of the typical work environment, you know? Go do something. Go have a dinner. Just get to know them.

Invite them to a little barbecue. All those things are very, very critical. You don’t wait ’til 30 minutes before the promotion you try to do this stuff. Then you come across very, just not genuine. You don’t wanna do that.

Do that ahead of time. Number seven, demonstrate leadership. You say a good leader creates followers, a great leader creates leaders. In order to move up the ladder it’s not just how well you do, because it is at the end of the day a team effort. It’s not just about you.

So, it doesn’t matter how good you are. You will become so much more valuable to a company if you can develop people that are as good as you, or better yet, to make them better than you, right? When you can do that that’s leadership. That’s invaluable skill to any CEO.


Not just create followers, but actually create leaders.

To nurture, to groom, to coach, to help them, to develop them. That’s the most valuable skill. You could do that, naturally you’ll get promoted again, and again, and again, and again. Because you have a skill that very few people in our society have. Leadership.

And leadership’s not taught in school. You don’t learn leadership from a book. You learn leadership by leading. By working with people. By talking with people.

By understanding people. By growing, by grooming them, right? And that’s why there are few, very few leaders in the world. Most people are followers.


But when you could do that.

.. You can not help but get promoted. So those are the seven ways to get promoted faster in a company. If you have more questions for me regarding of maybe how to get promotion?

How to be more effective within your work environment? Or even developing new skill sets. Comment below, let me know what else you want to learn what else you want me to share with you. If this is the first time you are watching my videos, make sure you hit the “Subscribe” button and click on the notification, turn on the bell.



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