Dan Lok is a professional speaker and author who believes in the power of education. In this video he breaks down the 9 industries that are most likely to make you a millionaire. He also talks about how to use your education to earn more money. Dan Lok is a great example of how education can lead to a better future.


– When I was a little kid, when I was about 10 years old, my dad and I, we would go fishing. And my dad would always get on this little boat and we would kind of take the boat to about 30 minutes away from the city, this was in Hong Kong and we would fish in that area. And as a little kid, I’ll ask my Dad, “Dad, why do I have to get on a boat and go to this area? “Why couldn’t we just fish where we are? “Why would you have to make this trip?

” And my dad would say to me, “Well, son, that’s where the fish is.” And I always remember the lesson, just like the reporter asked a famous bank robber, like why did you rob in the bank? ‘Cause that’s where the money is. Right, is the same idea. As an entrepreneur, choosing the right industry is very, very critical.

And there are many industries that we could get into, right? And sometimes I think we are overconfident as an entrepreneur, and we say we could go into any industry, sell any product, offer any service and provide solution and we could be very successful in doing that. I think that’s simply not true. So today I’m gonna share with you nine industries that are most likely to make you a millionaire. And if that’s your goal, there are many industries that you can get into.

Now, I’m not talking about, like, gimmicks and tricks like cryptocurrency or winning the lottery, I’m talking about the legitimate, proven industries, that have created millionaires and billionaires. Industry number one that is most likely that will make you a millionaire and that is financial services. Now, when I say financial services, I’m talking about the management of money, money lending or management of assets. We’re talking about the loan associations, banks, financial companies, insurance companies, brokerage.

A lot of those firms are very, very wealthy because there’s a lot of money in money.

One of the things I learned from one of my mentors, he said to me, “Dan, don’t ever forget, “the money is in the money.” There’s a lot of money to be made just by managing, handling, investing money. Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York, became a billionaire by providing financial data to the financial industry. Industry number two, technology. Now, you know the Google, the Facebook, the Apple, but we’re talking beyond that.

Think about traditional industries that you could go into, maybe by using technology, what you could do to disrupt that industry. And you can see that a lot. Now we call that disruptors, right? How you could use technology to make things more efficient? We’re talking about robotics, we’re talking about AI, we’re talking about automation, we’re talking about manufacture of these technology products or even providing technology as service.

Billions and billions and billions dollars worth of value are gonna be created in this particular sector. So, are you a technology entrepreneur? Industry number three, health care.

My mentor Dan Pena, the $50 billion man, talks about this a lot, health care, because people are willing to spend a lot of money to live longer. So health care, I’m referring to, could be assisted living, senior homes, pharmaceutical, any products or services that’ll help people to live longer life and stay healthier, that’s very, very good industry to get into.

Industry number four, real estate and construction. United Nations forecast predicts, by 2025, the world’s population will increase to almost eight billion people, eight billion people, by 2050, it would be almost 10 billion people. That’s 10 million people on this little planet by 2050.

Now, what does that mean? Where’s the opportunity?

We all need a place to sleep in, to play in, to entertain, to go to, to shop. Real estate and construction. Industry number five, education. With all the changes, all the technological changes that are happening, knowledge becomes very, very critical. People want to learn, they want to equip themselves with skill sets, and that’s the space that I am in, the education and software space, because I can see the opportunity happening right now in front of us to connect individuals, people, professionals, to 21st century skills and job opportunities.

Now, within education, you could also have products and services and software that helps people in many different ways. So we have traditional education, but we also have alternative education, education outside of the school systems, right? And it doesn’t always have to be academic, it could be other types of education that can help people to lead a better life.

Education, huge business. Industry number six, entertainment and recreation.

Beyond than just education, people want to be entertained. In fact people demand entertainment. You look at all these big companies are getting into the entertainment industry. Now, what am I talking about? Movies, animations, productions, special effects.

There’s so many companies going into that industry. Amazon Prime, of course, you have Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, I could go on and on and on. Why? Because this is where we are going. Now on the other hand, thinking about industries who help and facilitate this particular industry, but also we talking about influencers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, right?

Now for the first time, you have people in that industry.

Standup comedians could make millions doing that, before you couldn’t, most of time they struggle, but now we are in this age of people want entertainment. So, if you can find a way to create a product or service or company around this to service this particular industry or to service this demand, you could also make millions. Industry number seven, transportation. Now, human beings we like to travel.

As now with the internet, the more we see the more… We don’t want always wanna be stuck in a house, we wanna go out there and see things. So air transportation, aerospace, huge opportunities.

But also think about now people buying online and shopping online. Where do you think the opportunity could be? Handling shipping packages. I’m not just talking about FedEx or UPS or DHL. Think of something like Uber Eats.

People like stuff being delivered to them, as now people are shopping more and more online. This is a huge industry. Just by being able to provide service or product. It could be as simple as providing software to help these companies to manage the inventory better, right? Or the shipping handling better.

That could be easily a multimillion dollar business. Industry number eight, energy, especially renewable energy. So, going beyond than just oil and gas, now we’re talking about solar or wind, right? So, with billions and billions of people, we all need power, we need more power to power up our devices and our technology. So that’s huge industry.

If you could come up with creative solutions that could solve this problem, not just millions, it could be billions of dollars.

But you need to have certain team, you need to have an understanding of how this whole thing works, and you need to be able to work with government to how to execute this properly, but there’s definitely a lot of money to be made in energy. Industry number nine, food. Now, with billions of people, not only we need power, right? We need a place to live in and we also need to eat.

So in the food industry, that’s not gonna go away. With so many people on the planet, we need more cost effective, more efficient way to produce, create food, right? To produce food to feed so many people.

So, what do we need to do? Again, maybe you can come up with solutions that could go into these certain industries.

And I’m not just talking about fast food, because with so many options, people want healthier choices as well. And to me supplements, health type products, are all those products fall into this category. If people are eating it and taking it to want to have a healthier life, yes, that falls into this as well. So, those are the nine industries that I believe that are most likely to make you a millionaire. But you need to also combine that with your skills, your background and your know-how.

Getting into the right industry is one thing, but you also need to be the right person in the right industry in order to make it big. Does that make sense?



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