The article “Get Hired And Re-Launch Your Career In The Most Unexpected Way: A Returnship” by Tracy Brower, published on May 14, 2023, highlights the concept of returnships, work opportunities designed for experienced professionals looking to reenter the workforce after an extended break.

They serve as stepping stones, aiding individuals to re-up, re-skill, and smoothly transition back into the professional world. Reasons for these breaks could range from parenting responsibilities, injury, incarceration, to extended layoffs.

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Returnship Programs

Returnships contribute significantly to mental health and confidence, with 94% and 97% of people endorsing these benefits respectively. People opt for returnships for reasons such as earning a paycheck (68%), updating their skills (48%), and for a supportive environment (39%).

These opportunities are widely available across various sectors like technology, digital marketing, healthcare, government, education, retail, finance, food, and hospitality. Key skills often developed during returnships include web development, cybersecurity, programming, data analysis, digital marketing, problem-solving, communication, listening, teamwork, and time management.

Returnships can be valuable for not just skill development, but also for creating professional networks, securing potential future job opportunities, and being a part of a supportive community.

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Navigating the professional landscape after a career hiatus can seem daunting, yet it’s crucial to remember that a career gap doesn’t automatically equate to professional rejection. The key to thriving post-break lies in shifting our perspective, reframing the narrative, and utilizing actionable strategies.

One’s career journey is personalized, and at times, it may necessitate a hiatus. However, feelings of guilt associated with career gaps serve no constructive purpose. Instead, it’s essential to maintain confidence in your skills and abilities, showcasing them confidently during job interviews.

When faced with rejection, it’s essential to foster a resilient mindset, resist the pull of guilt, and focus on self-improvement. Consider the career gap as an opportunity to upskill and enhance your professional abilities. The goal should be to emerge from the hiatus with an updated skill set that is either on par with or surpasses the pre-gap level.

As you reenter the job market, remember to strategically craft your resume. Instead of highlighting the career gap, emphasize your abilities and skills that align with the desired job position. During interviews, refrain from attributing any lack of knowledge or skills to the career gap.

Returning to work after a hiatus involves thoughtful strategy. It’s advisable to continually upskill yourself with relevant technology or industry developments. Initially, consider returning to a similar profile to the one you previously held to minimize unnecessary challenges.

While it’s crucial to project an image of confidence and updated skills, honesty remains paramount. During job interviews, be forthright about your career gap as much as personal situations allow. Fabricating reasons for career gaps can jeopardize your credibility and trustworthiness.

Importantly, a career gap will not impede your success if your skills align with the job requirements. Candidates with career gaps have often excelled in interviews and subsequent job roles. However, the misconception persists that career gaps are the root cause of poor performance, which is often not the case.

Initiating a career post-gap may be challenging, but it is far from impossible. An emphasis on continuous learning and upskilling, coupled with an avoidance of blaming career gaps for every hurdle, can pave the way to success. Ultimately, overcoming a career gap requires a blend of perseverance, skill enhancement, and unyielding confidence in your professional abilities.


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