The article on highlights the benefits of pursuing a part-time MBA program for professionals seeking to advance their management careers. It focuses on the Foster School of Business’ Technology Management MBA (TMMBA) program at the University of Washington (UW) and its impact on the careers of Amazon and Nordstrom employees.

MBA program

MBA program


Here is a quick : Summary: A part-time MBA can fast-track career growth in management by offering flexibility, developing strong managerial skills, providing networking opportunities, and exposing students to diverse industries. πŸš€

  1. πŸ“ˆ Part-time MBA for career growth: Studying a part-time MBA can help fast-track careers in management, especially for professionals looking to switch industries or secure promotions.
  2. πŸ•’ Flexibility and learning by doing: Part-time MBA programs, like the Foster Evening MBA, allow students to apply their skills in real-world scenarios while maintaining their full-time jobs.
  3. 🀝 Networking opportunities: MBA programs provide valuable connections with classmates, industry professionals, and alumni that can lead to career shifts and growth.
  4. πŸŽ“ Strong managerial skills: Part-time MBA programs help develop both hard and soft skills, such as delegation, empowerment, and adaptability, necessary for effective leadership.
  5. 🌐 Exposure to diverse industries: Studying alongside professionals from various sectors and engaging in projects with different companies broadens one’s perspective and skill set.
  6. πŸ† Success stories: Rita and Trevor, Foster Evening MBA graduates, successfully transitioned to management roles at Amazon and Nordstrom, respectively, after completing the program.
  7. πŸ’Ό Managerial skills in demand: An MBA demonstrates the ability to work under pressure, manage multiple responsibilities, and collaborate effectively in a team.

The TMMBA program is an 18-month part-time MBA course, tailored for working professionals looking to gain management skills without interrupting their careers.


The program offers a flexible schedule and a technology-focused curriculum, making it an attractive option for professionals in the tech industry. The course has helped employees from Amazon and Nordstrom enhance their leadership, strategic thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

The article presents the experiences of two TMMBA alumni, Brian Thomas (Amazon) and Kavita Kumar (Nordstrom). Thomas, an Amazon product manager, credits the TMMBA program for providing him with the necessary skills and confidence to take on larger responsibilities.

Kumar, a senior product manager at Nordstrom, believes the program helped her transition from an individual contributor role to a managerial one, enabling her to drive business results.

In conclusion, the TMMBA program at the Foster School of Business offers working professionals an opportunity to develop valuable management skills, boosting their careers at leading companies such as Amazon and Nordstrom.


The program’s flexibility, technology-driven focus, and real-world applicability make it an appealing choice for professionals looking to advance their management careers.


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